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"Reaping a harvest of people through our Worship, Witness and Work” requires us to Go Deeper to advance the Kingdom of God! 

We welcome you to the website of the Church of Philadelphia of Beaumont, Texas Inc.  As we begin our 16th year in the service of The Lord Jesus Christ and in our community we have been challenged by God to retire our mortgage by the end of 2015. We have launched our “2015 Outreach Campaign” with the goal of eliminating our debt to free us to expand and grow the ministry outside the walls and into the community. 

Impact is made when we ‘do the same works that Jesus did!’ (John 14:12 MSG) By the grace of God and through our faith, we are responding to the Gospel mandate to serve the poor, take care of the widows, visit the sick, and those in prison, to do the Greater Works!  

We invite you to join our 2015 Campaign to “Go Deeper” to do the Greater Works in the areas of Stewardship, Growth, Evangelism and Community. And “Together” we will advance the Kingdom of God by impacting the lives of others.